Looking for someone for waste pipe repair, waste pipe replacement or to fix your blocked or leaking waste pipe Wellington?

The most common things that happen to waste pipes are leaks or blockages.

Leaking wastepipes can be repaired or replaced. The cost of this will depend on the complexity of the job and one of our plumbers can advise you.

Wastepipes can become blocked from fat, soap, hair etc. and can be cleared using our specialized hydrostatic equipment (aka the plunger!). On rare occasions the wastepipe may have to be cut open, the blockage removed and the wastepipe reinstated.

How old are your waste pipes?

Waste pipes that are older than 40 years were commonly made of wrought iron, galvanised pipe or lead. These types of pipe are very difficult to repair, so if you are concerned about their condition it is advisable to have them replaced. PVC is now the most common material used for wastepipe.

We can install, replace or repair any wastepipes as required, from our range of products and supplies, standard stock or customised for your home requirements.

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