Looking for laundry taps, bathroom taps or kitchen taps Wellington? Hawkins Plumbing advise on and install all tapware. If you need washing machine taps, basin taps, a mixer tap, kitchen faucets or a kitchen faucet. If you want kitchen sink taps, or kitchen mixer taps... we help with it all.

Is that constantly dripping tap getting on your nerves? Maybe you have a tap that won't shut off properly?

It could be that the washer needs to be replaced or maybe an internal part is worn in the more modern lever action ceramic disc taps.

Most tapware can be repaired, however it can sometimes be more cost effective to replace the whole fitting.

Are you planning to give your kitchen taps or laundry taps a new look?

There are a huge range of options and our plumbers can help you find the look you want.

If water runs through it we can service, install, or replace it.

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