Hot water

Are you looking for a hot water cylinder Wellington? Do you want a hot water system with a hot water cylinders main supply feed? We can do that as well as gas hot water heating, hot water cylinder installation, hot water cylinder repair and more…

Everybody needs hot water and there are now many different methods of supplying that.

The most common method is the Electric Hot Water Cylinder (low pressure or mains pressure). Mains Pressure Gas Hot Water Cylinders and Instantaneous Gas Water Heating are also popular. 

We install, service and repair all types of hot water systems and can advise on which system best suits your household.

Is your overflow pipe dripping?

A common problem with some Hot Water Systems is that the overflow pipes drip. We specialise in repairing these problems.

A common problem indirectly related to hot water is the overflow from a supply (or header) tank in the roof leaking. This usually means that the ballcock feeding the tank is faulty and needs replacing. 

Is your Hot Water Cylinder leaking?

If there is water around your cylinder it could leaking fittings, pipework or the cylinder itself. Fittings and pipework can usually be easily repair or replaced. If the actual cylinder is leaking then in most cases it will need replacing and the cost of this is dependant on individual circumstances i.e. type and size of cylinder and location.

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