Dishwasher/Washing machine

Looking for someone to do dishwasher plumbing or a dishwasher installation Wellington? Need someone to do the washing machine plumbing, installing washing machine taps?

Have you purchased a new washing machine or dishwasher?

We can set up all the dishwasher piping or washing machine piping required for these appliances and install them.

Are you having problems with your water supply to or from the appliance?

If you have trouble getting water to your machine or away from the machine once it has been pumped out then you may have a blockage or a leak. Hawkins Plumbing are able to investigate the problem for you and advise on a solution.

If you have water coming from inside your machine you may require an appliance specialist.

contact us to book our visit.

We do not service dishwashers or washing machines - please contact your appliance specialist.