Dripping overflow pipes

Do you need hot water cylinder overflow pipe Wellington repair? Is your toilet overflow pipe dripping, or your header tank overflow dripping? Hawkins Plumbing can help.

Do you have an overflow pipe dripping outside your house?

There can be a number of overflow pipes directing overflow water from inside your house to the outside. Some are supposed to drip a little bit such as a hot water expansion valve, but most of them drip to indicate a problem which should be investigated and fixed.

Hot Water Cylinder overflow

You may find a relief valve pipe which is usually a 15 or 20mm diameter copper pipe coming out from the side of the house, very close to the ground. These pipes are usually coming from the hot water cylinder and they are supposed to drip a little bit - usually when the hot water is being heated.

If any of these hot water cylinder overflow pipes are running continually or drip all the time then they (and the valves attached to them) need to be checked.

Toilet overflow

This would usually be a 15 or 20mm pvc pipe coming out of the side of your house close to where the toilet is located. If this pipe is dripping or running, a huge amount of water could be wasted if it is left for a long time. If the toilet overflow pipe is running it indicates the cistern inlet valve is leaking and needs replacement.

Supply tank overflow

If you have a supply (or header) tank in the roof there should be an overflow pipe coming from this tank and discharging out the side of the house, usually quite high up - from the soffit (eaves) or weatherboards. If the supply tank overflow pipe is running it usually indicates the ballcock valve is leaking and needs replacement.

If in doubt we can quickly identify the problem and make the repair for you.

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