Drains replaced / unblocked

Need drainage Wellington services? Do you have a blocked shower drain, cracked metal drain pipe or need drain repairs? Are you looking for a drain cleaning service and need someone to unblock a drain?  If you have drainage problems like a drain blocked or drain pipes clogged we are able to show you the blockage with a CCTV drain camera or sewer camera. Hawkins Plumbing are the drainage experts.

Your property will usually have a sewer drain or sewer pipe that takes all the soil and waste-water from the toilet, kitchen, bathroom and laundry to the main sewer line.

It may also have a separate storm drain pipe which carries all the rainwater from your property.

Either drain can block. A blockage can be caused by almost anything - from tree roots to toys, cracked pipes or pipes that have moved.

We have the tools to clear blocked drains - from the hydrostatic pressure device (plunger) to a mechanical drain-cleaning machine or high pressure water-jet.

We also have a drainage CCTV camera and locator so that you can view and locate any damage or cause of blockage (e.g. tree roots) inside your drain pipe.

We repair, replace and install all types of drainage pipes.

If a section of drain needs to be replaced we have an excavator that can access most areas and saves time and labour costs (our apprentices are happy about this!)

The cost to clear or replace a drainage pipe is very much dependent on individual circumstances.

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