Are you looking for toilet plumbing, toilet installation or want that leaking toilet fixed? Our team at Hawkins Plumbing can help you.

Gone are the days of the long drop!! Are you considering a toilet upgrade?

There are many different styles, makes and models of toilet and cistern to choose from and our plumbers can advise.

If you are considering upgrading or moving your toilet, some of the pipework may need altering and we can do this for you. The cost to upgrade your toilet is dependant on individual circumstance.

Do you have a blocked toilet?

To clear a blocked toilet will cost from $65.

Is water running from the toilet cistern overflow or the water won't stop running into the toilet pan?

You may need to replace the toilet cistern ball valve & underwater valve washer.

For this type of toilet repair we would replace a ballcock in an overflowing toilet cistern from a cost of $140. The underwater valve washer can also be replaced at this time if required.

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