How to turn your water supply off.

There are usually two water shut off valves (or tobies) to turn off the water.

The first one is owned and maintained by the Council and will be located somewhere on the boundary of your property (inside a metal or plastic box in the ground). If you cannot find the Council toby the Council will locate it for you.

The second is owned by the property owner and is usually somewhere close to the house or building.   If you are unable to locate the second house toby please feel free to contact us.

To turn either of these valves off you will turn the handle in a clockwise direction.

Every property should have two tobies.  This acts as a safety precaution so that if one does not work then the second toby is there as a backup so that the water can always be shut off.

It always pays to ensure that both shut off taps are working at all times - just in case.